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When Gichen Funakoshi arrived in Japan in 1922, he originally taught a total of fifteen kata, although he knew many more.
The following 15 katas are the ones you will learn here at the Shuto Karate club Only after years of practice.
The fifteen kata in Funakoshi's syllabus included:
  • Heian 1 to 5  "Peaceful Mind"
      The Pinan or (Heian) katas is commonly accepted as being created by Anko Itosu (one of Funakoshi's teachers).
  • Tekki 1 to 3 "Iron Horse"
       The Naihanchi or (Tekki) katas is said to be typical of in-fighting techniques, including grappling. There are three kata in modern karate, with the second and third thought to have been created by Anko Itosu.  Funakoshi recalled in his autobiography that he spent a total of ten years learning and practicing the three Naihanchi kata while studying under Itosu
  • Kanku "To view the sky"
  • Bassai"Storm a fortress"
  • Hangetsu"Cresent Moon"
      Meaning 13, some people refer to this kata as 13 hands, 13 fists, or 13 steps.
  • Empi"Flying Swallow"
  • Gankaku"Crane on a rock"
  • Jutte  "Ten Hands"
  • Jion (Named after a temple in China)


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